Swiftlock Flooring

A swiftlock flooring is a very practical flooring that can give a room a warm and neat atmosphere. They are made to look like hardwood floors, but are easier to install and not as expensive. You don’t need glue or nails, the floor can just be installed by yourself on top of the existing floor.

Choosing the right floor

There is a lot of choiceSwiftlock Flooring Installation in floorings these days. There is the traditional laminate flooring, with different types of wood designs on it, but there is also colored or white washed floors available. Have a good look at different collections and make sure you get a good idea of what the floor might look like in your own house. In some home improvement stores floorings are installed on a large surface to give you a realistic view of the flooring in a whole room.

Installing a swiftlock flooring

Choosing the floor that suits your house best isn’t easy. But once the purchase is done, the simple part starts. A swiftlock flooring can easily be installed. Before you start, make sure that the surface is solid and dry. Take the floor into the room while still packed. Leave it there for at least 48 hours, so the material can adjust to the environment. After this is done, you only have to follow these steps.

  1. If there are floor trims in the room, remove them carefully with a hammer and a pry bar. You will have to use these again at the end.
  2. When the floor will be installed over concrete, a sub-floor has to be installed first.
  3. Always use underlayment padding. This will help to equalize the floor and it will reduce noise. The padding can be spread in rows on the floor, starting from one end of the room to the other.
  4. Start with the grooved side of the board to the wall. You can start wherever you like. Generally, starting at the longest wall will make the room look bigger. Also check in what angle sunlight enters the room. Installing the floor parallel to the light looks best.
  5. Place the boards not too close to the wall. Give it ¼ inch (you might want to use wood shims), so there is space for the floor to expand if needed.
  6. Once the boards of the first row are snapped together, start the second row next to it. You probably had to cut to make the first row fit. Use the remains of the first row for the second one.
  7. To quickly snap the boards together at the side, you will need a little practice. It is not always exactly the same trick, so read the instruction manual for this step.
  8. Frequently check if the floor is still not touching the walls. It can move a bit because of the hammering.
  9. For the final line, the boards have to be cut along the length. Again, leave a gap between the board and the wall for expansion.
  10. Once the floor is in place, reinstall the floor trim to cover up the spaces near the walls. The floor trims will help to hold down the floor. If you didn’t have trims yet, buy them in the same color as your swiftlock flooring. There are different types available at the home improvement store.